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2011 Pancake Bay

2011Lake Superior Adventure

This summer our Troop made a trek to Lake Superior. We had our  base camp at Pancake Bay Provincial Park from July 9th to 17th.

We had three out days. On Monday the 11th our scouts went on a day trip to Lake Superior Provincial Park to see the  Pictographs that feature the "AGAWA" rock paintings. On Wednesday the 13th we hit the rails at 8:00 a.m. to ride the Algoma Central Railway to the Agawa Canyon. We had lunch at the track side canyon park after which we climbed the 320 steps to the viewing platform. It was a spectacular view. Upon our return we stopped at the Station Mall and had a pizza supper from Ricardo's - that was super! On Friday the Troop headed for the United States  of America and crossed the International Bridge to Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, where we took Boat Tour, including the American locks, the St. Mary’s River and the Canadian locks.On the return trip we purchased roast chickens for dinner upon our return to the campsite. There was plenty of time for swimming, hiking and exploring in the park. Saturday was travel time. On the way we stopped at the French River Provincial Park,  Narin Centre, the Serpent River roadside picnic area, and Sault Ste Marie before arriving at the Park. Before setting up camp we went for a swim and time on the beach. Sunday we got up late and had brunch, then we took a hike along the beach to where there were large stones. In the afternoon we had camp preparations and beach time. After supper we had more swimming and later In the evening we had a campfire. On each of our camp days, in the late afternoon, we went to the ice-cream stand, store and shops at the Agawa Crafts trading post. The next camp day, Tuesday, we took a hike to the Pancake Bay lookout. It was about an hour and a half each way. The view of Lake Superior is spectacular. There are two viewing platforms. From there you can see the area of the lake where the Edmund Fitzgerald sank in a gale. We had our lunch at the lookout before the return hike. After returning to camp we had swimming time an evening campfire. Thursday was a free time day. We swam, relaxed on the beach, took walks to various parts of the Park. In the evening we had a campfire with songs and a special skit featuring "Crossing the Boarder" in preparation for our trip to the USA. Lets just say very few actually managed to get across the imaginary border line. On Friday's trip it took us an hour to get across the International Bridge. We all made it and back again! Saturday we had camp and beach time until lunch. After that we had to get the gear packed and everything put away in readiness for the return trip on Sunday. We had to get up at 4:45 a.m. to take down tents, grab a bite of breakfast and get loaded into the vehicles. One of our Scouters had to be hospitalized late Saturday so we had to leave one vehicle behind with gear and squeeze into the remaining three vehicles. We drove to South Baymouth to sail on the ferry Chi Cheemaun to Tobermoray. Our adventure concluded when we arrived at St. Marks Church at about 7:00 p.m. Families and friends were that to welcome us all and take us to our homes.

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